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Why Grand Bright Asia Limited

Because We Understand Sourcing

Grand Bright Asia Ltd. has been successfully steering the China sourcing business since 2015 . Our edge in the business lies in our understanding of the intrinsic process of strategic sourcing from China.
Grand Bright Asia Ltd. has now become a name tantamount to people endorsing its services for hassle-free transactions.

Knowledge of both Indian and Chinese business related to products sourcing.

Developing a congenial and lasting business relationship with our Chinese counterpart.

Select the best China supplier for your products based on the evaluation of your sourcing needs.

Our sourcing strategy is based on tapping the China market which not only produces cheap goods but they produce the ‘best quality’ at par with any other technologically-advanced developed nations.

Grand Bright Asia Ltd. – Our Long-term Business Strategy

Why have our clients chosen to do business with
Grand Bright Asia Ltd. over others? You can say it is the convergence of people who share the same business ethics as ours – ‘Quality without compromise’. We believe in quality sourcing for the long term rather than low quality for short-term gains.

To facilitate every aspect of China liaison, we have our own network of offices in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and Dubai with dedicated staff that is well versed in their trade. This local liaison not only facilitates our business communication but also help us comprehend China’s regulation, tax and corporate system; and most importantly their business culture.

The Grand Bright Asia Ltd. Advantage

Grand Bright Asia Ltd. distinguishes its unparallel services in China sourcing by providing product sourcing, China procurement, custom manufacturing, factory inspection to shipping and logistics management. Our expert team of professionals guides you throughout the sourcing process till the doorstep delivery is made.

Our involvement in product sourcing from China is not limited to just sourcing for you at a lower price; but

To make a thorough evaluation of our client’s product specification

Avidly choose, have dialogue & audit prospective suppliers and conduct inspection in China.

Traveling with clients for factory visits, forging work relations and initiating negotiations with China suppliers.

Assisting in business documentation

Supervising the production stages for the custom manufacturing sourcing products.

Assist the shipping of sourcing products from China by helping out in custom clearance

Also, facilitate in the process of custom clearance in the country of import and delivery of goods to your doorstep.

Grand Bright Asia Ltd.  in its ‘not-so-short’ span of business existence has earned the reputation of offering one-on-one personalized sourcing services to our customers without depreciating the quality of products, in turn saving then time and money.

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