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Cost to the Buyer

Cost to the Buyer has always been a contentious issue for any business. However, it is mostly determined by factors like value-added services, transparency in transactions and providing the best products at the most cost-effective prices.

Grand Bright Asia Ltd.  has been one of the most trusted and reputed sourcing company engaged in trade with China since 2015 . And, our worldwide customer base in countries like Dubai,  India, USA, Uk, Europe & Africa  is a testimony of our commitment towards ‘Cost to Buyer’ in its right perspective.

Our offices in Guangzhou Hong Kong & Mumbai are represented by trained and dedicated Indian and Chinese professionals with expertise in China sourcing. This serves as the offshore base for our clients who avail services through us. We help in monitoring the operations, contacting China manufacturers, conducting regular factory inspections, availing Procurement services China, deal with freight shipping company till the products are made available to you by doorstep delivery.

Thereby, our ‘cost to buyer’ is appreciated as we offer our clients viable cost savings on the expense of investing in an office in China. Our buyers are charged in lieu of the services offered on request. Our transaction process ensures that the product cost and billing systems accessed by our buyers are transparent, which help our buyer to get the best and direct deal from the China supplier.

We facilitate you in not only choosing the right supplier for your product sourcing but the most reliable supplier who would give you the best quality products at the most attractive prices.

Cost to the Buyer

Grand Bright Asia Ltd.  : Your request for sourcing services from Grand Bright Asia Ltd is activated after we have finalized the contract with our buyer on sourcing from China.

Payment terms: 40 percent payment to be deposited while placing order for products and the rest 60 percent prior to shipment. The business procedure for China sourcing is initiated only after the buyer deposits the initial payment with us. The administration surcharge in case of ‘Letters of Credit’ is 1.5 percent.

Pay for Expenses: Our transparent business procedure encourages that the buyer interacts with the seller directly and get the best deal, with assistance from our expert professionals. The buyer has also to pay for the expenses incurred of Grand Bright Asia Limited accompanying staff during travel, hotel stays and Factory visit for both our and the buyer, are directly borne by the buyer himself.

Product Sample Charges: We are always open to sending product sample, literature etc; however, the courier/postal cost has to be borne by the buyer.

Service-based Payment: Our ‘cost to buyer’ is based on service request.

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