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Company Profile

Grand Bright Asia Ltd . Sourcing Group (GBA) an ISO 9001-2000 certified sourcing firm based in Guangzhou, China and is a business unit of Grand Bright Asia Ltd . . Established in the year 2015 , Grand Bright Asia Ltd .  has operational offices in strategic locations like Guangzhou, Dubai, Hong Kong and Mumbai.

Grand Bright Asia Ltd . establishment as a business entity was to make the process of doing business with China affordable, productive and thriving. In their endeavor towards a viable and profitable Indo-China business relationship, Grand Bright Asia Ltd .  is committed to achieve their business goals in harmony to Chinese culture and business ethics; so that corporate investments are not lost to faux pas and misunderstanding.

The people behind Grand Bright Asia Ltd .  strongly believe in developing long-term amicable relations with their Chinese counterparts in business; and therefore, it is imperative that the foundations developed are solid from the onset. Grand Bright Asia Ltd .  helps you to Source, Liaison, Inspect, Forward and Deliver goods from the best reliable China suppliers to your doorstep. And most importantly, a local liaison office (Guangzhou) in China makes Grand Bright Asia Ltd .  Sourcing Group’ the most outstanding sourcing agent company in China.

The manufacturing industry of China is a testimony to its apparent cost advantage in lieu of world class products. However, exploring the prolific opportunities of the world’s best manufacturing is sometimes lost in finding the right manufacturer and overcoming the regulatory, cultural barriers and other hurdles.

Grand Bright Asia Ltd .  changes it all. With prolonged experience of both Indian and Chinese business and manufacturing techniques and expertise in China sourcing and the right business contacts, Grand Bright Asia Ltd .  helps you overcome such problems besides procuring the best deals without compromising on quality; and offers services that are time-bound and efficient.

Grand Bright Asia Ltd .  envisages a dynamic opportunity in India-China trade where India would import from China quality goods in which India have little or no expertise and the price differential would be attractive. Companies would outsource their buying needs toGrand Bright Asia Ltd .  to save on costs and related tension while focusing on primary activity of selling and profits.

Grand Bright Asia Ltd .  caters to a sizable market segment in India and overseas which include corporates, manufacturing companies; exporters sourcing raw materials from China and of course the regular clients (wholesalers, distributors and retailers) who order bulk imports from China. Our business relations and customer base extends to reputed companies in Italy, Spain, Dubai, Qatar and Australia.

Grand Bright Asia Ltd . also offers its China sourcing services through its sister organizations; Grand Bright Asia Ltd .(Chn.), Wecast Pte Limited (HK) Niraj Trading Co (MUM). These sister companies facilitate the process of product sourcing from China, as each of them have industry specialized divisions to cater to product-specific customer requirements.

Vision: Grand Bright Asia Ltd .  vision is to set new standards in China sourcing business by sourcing the best products at the right price, quality and time. Subsequently, the company would like to diversify their best practices by offering sourcing services from India; and later on emerge as the global marketplace for sourcing the best products from various other countries at competitive rates.

Grand Bright Asia Ltd .   business ethics is based on best price without compromising on quality, and would like to deal and associate with those who share similar belief.

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