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About Us

Grand Bright Asia Ltd.  is an online initiative of Grand Bright Asia .Sourcing Group (GBA).

China sourcing has been a revolution in the global market as countries are able to source the best quality products at the most competitive price from low-cost China suppliers. A recent study has revealed that sourcing companies have been able to save approx. 60 percent of landed-costs for product sourcing from China, with an average of more than 20 percent savings.

We at Grand Bright Asia Ltd. are making an honest effort to showcase the immense business opportunities in China sourcing; and provide a medium to people who want to unleash the potential of nurturing a thriving business through our company Grand Bright Asia Ltd.

Internet has made the world a small place and globalization an opportunity to explore the finest products at the best value. Grand Bright Asia Ltd..Co strives to unleash the potential of this global market by being a conduit in sourcing the best quality products from China and the rest of the world.

Grand Bright Asia Ltd.  is a class apart from the usual listing sites. Our endeavor through this website is to introduce our customers to the potential of China sourcing and related information. We take the opportunity to tell our customers through this website, the benefit of sourcing through agent sourcing company like ours instead of falling in messy situations while dealing directly with manufacturers as you have less scope for doing due diligence check in a foreign land minus contacts.

Grand Bright Asia Ltd.  through our worldwide network of offline offices in Mumbai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Dubai under Grand Bright Asia Ltd.  offer diversified services in sourcing from China. Our highly efficient professionals with expertise in the trade, besides helping you avail the best deals and products; can also assist you in the financial and legal procedures during import from China.

We would like to invite customers interested in China Sourcing to visit China and meet Grand Bright Asia Ltd. representatives at our China Office. This will help you to understand our mode of functioning and help you get an insight into the professionalism in our services.

Contact us only if you believe in Quality as the value for Money. For we enjoy working with people who share the same belief.

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